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Q: Is homeopathy a new idea?
A: Homeopathy has been effectively used in disease treatment and prevention for approximately 220 years. Homeopathy came to the U.S. from Europe in the early 1800s. Homeopathy boasts the first medical college and was taught in all the prominent medical colleges. It was used in major hospitals and was 30 times more lifesaving than conventional medicine during the flu epidemic of 1917 – 1918.

In the 1940s politics intervened and the conventional medicine monopoly of health care was established. But because of homeopathy’s effectiveness and availability in other countries, it has become the fastest growing health care modality in this country again. It is endorsed by the World Health Organization. Homeopathy provides care and prevention for AIDS. In 2009 after the failure of conventional immunizations, homeopathy provided prevention to 2.5 million people during the Leptospira epidemic in Cuba, saving lives with a cost-savings of 90%.1

The effectiveness of homeopathy is known worldwide. More than 200 million people have used homeopathic remedies. It’s available on most continents, and is part of many health care systems around the world. In fact, a Switzerland panel of medical experts recently published a study detailing how homeopathy is both an effective and cost-saving treatment.2 Many other studies of disease prevention for herds and humans alike have been documented. Dairies, cattle and sheep ranchers, and other animal operations can benefit from learning to use homeopathy successfully.

Remedi Animal Solutions have been field-tested and successfully used with thousands of animals. Learn how to distribute the formulas specific for your operation through live classes (see the class calendar), DVD or individual Farm and Ranch Consultation by contacting us at 406-777-7375.

Q: What makes your formulas effective?
A: Ellen Bench has 25 years of experience, over 30 years of study, and a deep understanding of chronic diseases. Remedi formulas work because we combine, drug-free, high-potency (strong-acting) remedies with a method that gets it to your animals. We offer simple training, cost-effective more profitable coverage, and higher quality, healthier herds. Read or listen to the referrals!

Q: Can you document results?
A: Looking for evidence of parasites and respiratory disease in bison proves clean. Professional butchers checking organs (liver, lungs, stomach, bowels, heart) also proves clean. Listen to the referral here. Listen to other ranchers who have used the products for years with great results. Better yet, let us teach you how to prevent disease yourself!

Homeopathy is safe for you to handle and safe for your herd. It’s prevention without needles, making it less taxing on the herd and safer for you.

Q: Do you custom formulate remedies if I have special problems with my land or mineral toxicity or deficiency?
A: We will custom formulate for any pasture or operational challenges to ensure success. Call and schedule a consultation for personalized advice and encouragement!

Q: Is homeopathy expensive?
A: Homeopathy is cost effective. A half-ounce of Remedi Animal Solution medicates 100 pounds of loose salt, which equals 1,800 doses at the recommended .88 ounce per head. Medicating inline water systems is an easy and cost-effective method as well.

Homeopathic methods are less expensive. In addition, the process minimizes labor and other expenses. Healthier animals mean less culls, less loss of natural or organic certification, less labor in caring for sick animals, less open, and less abortion. And it’s easier to work healthy, less stressed animals.

Q: How do these methods improve my safety?
A: Remedi Animal Solutions eliminate the risk of needle stick injuries, contact with dangerous chemicals, and unnecessary stressing of animals, giving you, your family and ranching team safer options for treating sick animals.