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The custom formulas are available in 3 standard sizes in a concentrated form. The 1 oz. contains 100 doses of remedy if "spritzed" directly from the bottle if you have close proximity to the animal (method 1). This method provides the fastest delivery and response for emergencies or crisis management at .35 cents per dose. The 1 oz. bottle of concentrate may also be added to a half gallon of water in a 1-gallon sprayer using method 2 and 3 below. The coverage for method 2 is approximately 500 doses. Method 3 spraying the loose salt/mineral will cover 1,800 head for pennies a dose. Bulk 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles provide more cost effective coverage dispensing 1 oz. per half gallon water into a sprayer or in bulk tanks for inline water systems (see method 4).


For medicating an individual animal that needs immediate care. This is always the fastest acting and most direct method. Results should be obvious and signs of improvement begin from 10 minutes to 2-3 days. Spritz from the ready-to-use spritz bottle directly onto the mouth, nose or vulva of the animal. Use a spritz every 5 minutes 3 times in a row. Repeat 3 more times 20 minutes to one hour later. Repeat again when you make the rounds looking for obvious signs of improvement. Signs of improvement will be general energy increased, discharge or fever reduced, improved breathing, willing to eat or drink, etc. Keep this up for 3-5 days as long as you see improvement every day. If you don't see improvement you have selected the incorrect remedy. Help is available for making an additional selection by calling the office or one of our field experts. Please describe the symptoms of the animal as opposed to the name of the disease, as it is more effective for selecting the correct remedy.


For medicating multiple animals. Mix 1 oz. of the master formula in a gallon sprayer half full of water. Shake vigorously and briskly pounding the jug on your palm or towel on the work bench to the count of 10. (This process is medicating the quantity of water. You must not miss this step!) Spray (gently) in the face (nose or mouth) of the animals in the pasture, chute, or while loading, during branding etc. The larger sprayer gives you a greater distance if you are using a four wheeler or from your truck. This method should be repeated am and pm for sick animals for up to 3-5 days with obvious improvement and may be continued as long as symptoms improve. Commonly not used more than 10 days.


This formula's coverage is comparable to the implied protection of "7-way,"Johne's, Toxoplasmosis, Wasting, Pneumonia, Tetanus, and CAE. Use method 2. Make sure each animal is sprayed directly. One application bi-annually is plenty. Remember to use the HOMEOPATHIC PROPHYLAXIS for new additions to your flock. I recommend the second dose before the cold weather hits in the fall. This protection and prevention is of great value. This immunizing process may be combined with any other reason to run your sheep through the chute, including branding, etc. Many diseases of multiple names will be prevented with this method and formulation. (Names of diseases change with the pharma-drug treatments available and are ever changing.)


THIS METHOD IS FOR MAINTENANCE AND PREVENTION, NOT TREATMENT OF A SICKLY FLOCK. (Spray sick animals directly for the best results.) Make the medicated water in Method 2. Now spray the loose salt with the remedy solution. One pours the loose salt from the bag slowly into tubs or buckets while another ranch hand sprays it with the remedy. Repeat this operation twice to ensure the salt is medicated. Put out the treated salt free choice like usual operation. The remedy will coat the salt and make its way via mucus membrane (mouth with saliva) of your animals. This method is very effective and produces results in over 90% of the flock (may miss a few due to the free choice options).


THIS METHOD IS FOR OPERATIONS WITH IN-LINE WATERING SYSTEMS. MEDICATING THE TANK WITH THE REMEDY ALLOWS IT TO BE DISTRIBUTED TO EACH ANIMAL AS RECOMMENDED. Use one cup (8 oz.) of remedy in a 1 gallon jug half full of water shaken vigorously by pounding on your palm during shaking 10 times. Add the 1/2 gallon of medicated water to the holding tank and fill. This medicated water can be injected into the system. Please call with the specifics for best coverage for your operation and application. 8 oz. will medicate approximately 500 gallons of water.