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Pro-Vitality Works!

Pro-Vitality is an essential formula to implement correct assimilation and implementation of minerals:

These 3 pictures show how our Remedi Animal Solutions® Pro-Vitality formula is essential for proper growth and development. Pro-Vitality formulas can even help correct problems before they become permanent in your animals.

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Your remedy spray for Pink Eye works great for dogs too!

I just wanted to tell you that your remedy spray for Pink Eye works great for dogs too!

We just adopted a 1-1/2 year old Golden Retriever from some friends. One morning, I noticed he couldn't open his eyes. So, I called him over, and gently pried open his eyes. They were pink/red and swollen. I couldn't see his brown iris at all. After doing some research, it looked like he had viral Pink eye. (We live in the country around cattle, so it's not an impossibility.)

I sprayed our dog's eyes with your Pink Eye remedy spray (for cattle), & within 5 minutes, he was opening his eyes again! During the day, I noticed his eyes returned to being puffy & closed again, so I gave him another spray. Again, his eyes reopened.

Over the next couple of days, we sprayed his eyes, and additionally added some raw kefir whey drops to his eyes with a dropper bottle. The infection cleared up rapidly.

We have another dog (Border collie/Lab mix) that also developed the infection a day later. We used the remedy and the whey drops with her too, and her infection was also gone in a couple of days!

Thank you so much!!

—Andie in Wyoming


Healthy Organic Herd Thanks to Remedi

We’ve had 1,000 organic cattle reported constantly over the last 5 years. Remedi has solved respiratory problems and my herd is healthier. We have not had a single loss in 3 years. We solely rely on Remedi Animal Solutions for prevention and treatment.
—Bruce B., Nebraska


Progress Report From Dave D., Montana

While this experiment is well under-way I can only report on my observations so far. I am too old, too conservative, too weathered by ranch life to hurry my conclusions. In this early stage... I am encouraged to continue the experiment by the results I am seeing.

It was a wet and muddy spring. Typical conditions for scours. I used the scour remedy and the calves cleaned right up in two days.

We had a dry cow we were finishing on grass for slaughter in June when she came down with foot-rot. I did not want to load her up with antibiotics so I tried the foot rot remedy with good results. She was completely recovered in five days with no further lameness.

When we got into fly season, I ordered the [Diminish Bugs & Flies] Treatment. When it was available, the cows and calves had very few face flies and horn flies. When they ran out, the flies returned. When I retreated the flies diminished.

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Mastitis Relief

My dairy herd had reoccurring mastitis. Every vet check was staph positive. I was advised to sell the herd. Homeopathy cleared them instead.
—G. Gotschall, NE Certified Organic

Horse Help

Homeopathy saved my horse when I was told, after $2,000 in vet bills, to put him down.
—MT, Rancher

Turbo Injury Remedy

Just had best cow give birth to giant calf this morning.  Course it had to be pulled and she had calving paralysis.  Just got her to stand on her own 2 hours after the birth using your Turbo Injury remedy, arnica, and conium mac every half hour plus diluted in some water and added to her water dish! Thank you!
Joy to you,


Effective Plant Remedy - Orgaincally Qualified

My first experience with the plant remedy was two years ago. The first year I foliar fed the fish fertilizer and homeopathy to the plants. But in 2013 I found the answer to administering it to its potential and managing it thru my Strip Drip irrigation and EZ-FLO gallon tank fertilizing system. I used both inputs every week during the months of June, July and August. By giving the plant the remedy to the root zone allowed me to harvest a crop of fully matured squash. The squash bugs came on very late in the season and virtually had no effect in the harvest results. Ellen's Plant Homeopathic Combination Remedy I will continue to use and look forward to exploring other ways in what it can do for me in my organic gardening. Appreciated!
—Page, Nebraska
, Mosel Organic Farms
, Kim Mosel