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Remedi Animal Solutions offers product user support and training, and a variety of classes and seminars across the country. We hope to equip you with knowledge that will help you to better care for your stock in a way that’s less expensive and produces higher-quality food for the world by using tested homeopathic formulas to stimulate wellness.

If you would like us to visit your location for consultations and/or homoeopathic classes, or would like more information about our upcoming classes, please call the office or email us with your request and specific location. Contact us here.

Sample Class Description: Farm & Ranch Zero-Antibiotics Seminar

Learn how to use safe, effective homeopathic remedies to have healthy livestock without harmful chemical treatments, medicated feed, or antibiotics. You can successfully prevent and solve for problems like parasites, worms, flies, foot rot, pink eye, reproductive issues, bloat, scours, respiratory issues, travel or weaning stress and much more! Starter kit included.