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Health is a tangible state. It can be measured and assessed, and science is a method of proving a theory, testing, obtaining results, and replicating the results according to specific standards.

Let’s define health as being symptom-free with no desire to medicate common bodily functions such as sleep, balanced sexual and hormonal functions, or eating without indigestion. Health also means logical handling of stress without tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, or prescription meds and producing high-quality thought and labor with functional immunity and minimal effort or illness.

Examining the state of health today, it is difficult to establish that overall health has improved over the last 50 years. For example, we can’t scientifically document a diminished amount of pain, mental illness, autoimmune diseases, infections, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. We can’t assert that modern medicine has accomplished enhanced health and higher-quality longevity with medication and vaccinations. This state of health transfers to the health of our food supply as well—treating stock with immunizations that are only marginally effective and using steroids and hormones to increase milk production that diminishes health to such a degree that we need to medicate the feed. Thus, it is increasingly difficult to purchase milk replacer or chick feed without medication. Similarly, it can be challenging to find seed that is not mutated and medicated with chemicals and hormones. Further, we cannot generally assure that the stools in the pasture are free of disease, including the ones that were vaccinated against.

However, there is another option that provides a more holistic solution that heals rather than only treats symptoms and perpetuates poor health.

Homeopathy is a scientific method with documentable benefits in preventing and treating mental and physical health in humans and animals since the 1800s. It’s reliable, inexpensive, and proven on all living things in the animal and plant kingdoms.

The science behind homeopathy was beyond our understanding until recent advancements in nanotechnology. But this new field is finally revealing how life functions can be measured in energy. Pheromones, nervous system pathways, and life energies (like heat) can all be measured and validated by MRI, neuroscience, and new advancements in technology, explaining the scientific basis of homeopathy and its ability to heal rather than merely treat.

Remedi Animal Solutions enables you to better care for stock in a way that’s less expensive and produces higher-quality food for the world by using client-tested, drug-free, homeopathic formulas to stimulate wellness. Consider improving the wellness of your livestock and family.

Learn how. Get educated and empowered.

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