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Why We’re Different

At Remedi Animal Solutions, our goal is to produce the highest-quality product that gives you the maximum return on your investment—healthy stock without side effects, vet bills, or disqualification from the natural and organic market.

With our drug-free, homeopathic product line, you can prevent health problems, treat the few animals that may need crisis management, and improve the status of your product as drug-free, hormone-free, organic, or natural.

Pharmaceutical drugs are meant to treat a problem, but they don’t solve health issues or reveal why the minerals are tied up or why pink eye keeps occurring. Healing begins in the brain, not in the physical location where we deposit drugs, such as the belly or blood. The brain and nervous system are responsible for the state of vitality by controlling the body’s use of minerals, producing mucus, provoking coughs, stimulating hormone production, beating of the heart, responding to stress, and maintaining stool consistency.

Homeopathic remedies in high potencies are not drugs or physical doses. They work through the nervous system and trigger the brain to take rapid healing action in response to bacteria, viruses, injuries, and chronic disease treatment and prevention. They bring the animal to a state of health rather than treat a symptom. Healthy, well-fed animals that are stimulated with remedies like our “Turbo ProThrive” Remedi Animal Solution formula will be less likely to have parasites and will have a higher vitality. The benefits of a healthier herd are exponential.

While we believe traditional vets provide great tools in the form of diagnostic testing and emergency care, we believe that in order to restore the health of the animal you must heal the animal rather than treat a symptom. We do not intend to replace your regular vet, only to work along side them to provide the best disease treatment and prevention for your herd. At Remedi Animal Solutions, our goal is to empower you to solve your animals’ health issues in an effective, economical, and healthy way.

Consider our field-tested solutions. See for yourself how our solutions provide healthier, more profitable results. Listen to the referrals by clicking here.